Warwick Community Ambulance has four ambulances and one Paramedic chase unit available for emergency and routine medical transports. Our two wheelchair vans are available for routine transports that do not require an ambulance. Regardless of membership, Fees apply for van transports and non-emergent transports.

Rates for Subscriptions: (download here)

Covers family head and family members residing at same address


Covers any individual residing at a permanent address


Covers any aged couple residing at same address


Covers senior citizen (over 65 years old) residing at a permanent address

Rates for Business Subscriptions:

Number of Employees: Rates
1-25 $100
26-100 $185
101-300 $285
301+ $510

Additional Subscription Information

  1. Subscription year is effective from June 1 to May 31.
  2. Your subscription to Warwick Community Ambulance covers BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support). If a Paramedic unit is dispatched along with Warwick Ambulance, the Paramedic may ride with Warwick Ambulance (depending on your condition) providing advanced treatment. This type of transport can easily cost $800.00, and is covered by your subscription.
  3. All emergency calls transported by Warwick Ambulance are covered by subscriptions.
  4. Your insurance company will be billed for any ambulance transportation or service provided. After the insurance settles, any remaining balance is waived for subscribers only. If insurance is applied to your deductible and we receive no money, we will reduce your payment to 50% of the total. Medicare and most insurance plans will not cover 100% of the bills incurred for ambulance transport.
  5. Patients who are not subscribers must pay the outstanding balance.
  6. Some insurance companies send payment for Warwick's services directly to the patient, who is then responsible to pay the bill.  Please forward the payment to us immediately. 
  7. Routine transports are not covered by subscription unless they are deemed medically necessary.  The patient's physician must determine medical necessity and provide documentation to Warwick Ambulance. Getting pre-authorization from your insurance company can help avoid surprises. These transports are discounted to subscribers.
  8. Transports by wheelchair van are not covered by subscriptions but are discounted to members.
  9. Moving outside of Warwick Community Ambulance's area voids the subscription.
Warwick Community Ambulance Association
151 North Lane
P.O. Box 42
Lititz, PA 17543
FAX: 717-627-0728

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WCAA accepts subscriptions from residents and businesses in the Borough of Lititz, a large part of Warwick Township and a portion of Penn Township.  If there is doubt of the ambulance company that serves your home or business, please contact us before subscribing.

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