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About Us

  1. We are a combined volunteer/career organization that provides Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, and wheelchair van services to the community.
  2. Qualifications to volunteer (Items in RED are required for employment) are:
    • BLS crew member:
      • CPR
      • EMT, Emergency Responder, or First Responder
      • EVOC
    • ALS Crew member:
      • CPR
      • EMT-P or PHRN
      • ACLS
      • EVOC
    • Wheelchair Van Crew members are certified in CPR
  3. Volunteers are asked to commit to 24hrs per month of on-call time.
  4. During call time, volunteers need only be within 5 minutes of the station. The only exception is a MICU qualified volunteer, they must stay at the station.
  5. Warwick Ambulance's call volume exceeds 4500 responses per year.
  6. Warwick Ambulance is a certified CEU location.
  7. An observer program is available to those who are unsure if they want to become a volunteer.
  8. Warwick Ambulance is sponsored & owned by the Lititz AMBUCS.